Phyletic Systems

Phyletic Systems™, Inc delivers value to #BigData and Enterprise spaces by deploying novel solutions to information retrieval, analytics, and search problems previously intractable or deemed unsolvable.

Application of the Phyletic Engine™ to replace traditional index or matching engines results in parsimonious and tailorable solution sets that do not suffer from the scalability or complexity problems of prior knowledge engineering attempts.


Lead Generation

Find your best potential customers directly for a greatly reduced cost.
Imagine with one direct communication you can reach an entire network of customers by becoming the choice provider to the influencer ( known as the maven ). Through social media you can pinpoint that maven with a direct relationship.


You Win The Internet !

How would you like to play a social media game with your friends, in real-time see who is winning , and keep score?! YWTI is for you
YWTI will be powered by the Phyletic Engine™

Tech Ecosystem

Intellectual Property Generation

The Phyletic Engine™ ( patentable algorithm ) allows you to mine value from the cloud by looking into #BigData in a new and novel way, by concepts and not keywords.
Imagine the power of Business Intelligence, without the DataMarts, without the ERP, on unstructured data. Now imagine that investment keeping your proprietary learning for your benefit alone. Through the power of crowd-sourcing you can build or buy, and keep the crown jewels for yourself or sell them to your benefit.

Platform options

Build it once, and run it anywhere
Once your searches are constructed get your alerts and notification how you want them. The Phyletic Engine™ is available as Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ) on the public cloud or on your private cloud. Built with security in mind, you get your best value as a best value.

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About Us

Phyletic Systems™ , Inc. is a technology company embracing the Lean Startup methodology With patentable technology for the Phyletic Method™ a suite of products is being constructed to deliver value to business customers and help them engage their customers.
Supporting Data
A.T. Kearney forecasts global spending on Big Data hardware, software and services will grow at a CAGR of 30% through 2018, reaching a total market size of $114B. The average business expects to spend $8M on big data-related initiatives this year. Source: Beyond Big: The Analytically Powered Organization.

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you may reach the team at

Email: info @

Twitter: @ phyletic


Partner Up

We want to be the engine that powers your new value
Please contact the team if you think the opportunity to leverage #BigData is just too good to pass up, and old-school key word engines just won't cut it. Our technology can run Real-Time, on massive streams, and Classify on a scale previously only dreamt about by Inference Engines, Semantic Nets, and Massive flat-Indexes.

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